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Azra Asher
Demand of dietary supplements have skyrocketed in past few years, especially during the pandemic (2020 -2021) everyone started realizing the importance of these supplements in day-to-day lifestyle. Getting the right nutrition is equally important to the good health as exercise. In modern world there are numerous products now available that exist in this supplement and cosmetic space. It has become more and more complex for the consumers and rather for manufacturers to pick the right ingredients in these products. With the foundation of many years of research and experience from the industry experts, Azra Asher was formed to make this rather simplified process for the manufacturers and ultimately for the consumers. “Quality of the product is all we believe in”, quality is the not the after result, it is rather the precursor to the good ingredient. It starts right from the source of the building blocks. 

Our mission and vision

Azra Asher’s mission is to be the trusted and reliable partner with manufacturer(s) of pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food, and cosmetic products and joining to the joint vision of promoting good health and wellness worldwide.

Our warehouses are strategically located across the US to provide ease and convenience for faster deliveries of raw material ingredients to our customers. Our team of supply chain experts is extremely transparent in sharing every detail about the real-time location and ETA for your orders.

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is one of the key steps in making the perfect product formulation that your customers need, which is why Azra Asher is here to simplify this step in your process. By putting your trust in us, you can maximize the time spent on the designing and making of your products. Azra Asher is committed to supplying consistent and reliable quality ingredients right when you need them.

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