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consulting services
Azra Asher offers consulting services with the expertise in implementing lean driven solutions in the quality organization. In this rapidly changing and growing industrial and research environments, huge amount of data is generated every day within these organizations. It is believed to be that only 5-7% of this data generated is usually monitored and used to drive business decisions. Our scientist and experts who have previously worked in these environments have developed skills and tools useful to maximize the usage of this generated data and translate them into visual reporting systems which makes it easier to follow and understand for every person regardless of the experience in the scientific space.

With this unique blend of tools and help to develop highly efficient standard work processes our clients would see an uptick in their team’s efficiency by 30-70% in their first couple of years of implementation and use of our consulting services. Reach out to our consultants to schedule your first free session to assess the scope of your project.

Why Choose Azra Asher

Challenges in the quality organization are real, tons of data are generated either as part of internal quality system requirements or as part of regulatory requirements. But many companies hardly use this generated data or uses only a fraction of it to make business decisions or to drive any improvements. If you would like to maximize your efficiencies by use of this generated data or by re-standardizing your existing workflows, Azra Asher consultants can rather help you make this easy and seamless.

• Azra Asher provides a complete digital reporting mechanisms to visualize problems and digital solutions to solve them
• You will have data driven reports at your fingertips showing how your business is doing based on which you can make educated decisions
• Our digital solutions are proven to improve productivity by 30-50 % within 1st year of implementation
Why Choose Azra Asher
In our 90 day approach, our consultants will first visit your site to assess the area and understand the current work flows. Then they will help you develop your custom standard work processes and based on that develop visual applications and tools to help analyst/scientist/business managers accurately make their day-to-day decisions. Finally, we would provide tools and report to monitor sustainment of these new standards to ensure effectiveness.

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