Supplier Audits

Pharmaceutical Supplier Testing or Auditing

Pharmaceutical Supplier Testing or Auditing in USA

In order to give you a complete picture of your suppliers and their ratings in a standardized format, Azra Asher’s independent, highly skilled, and industry- certified local auditors visit the offshore suppliers’ manufacturing facilities to analyze their manufacturing capacities, quality management systems, structural and design safety and regulatory and environmental compliance.

Supplier audits can be conducted to several international standards, your in-house policies, or Azra Asher’s quality audit program. Our audit reports are more than just a checklist; they include historical trends and capture the real-time status of all corrective and preventive actions identified from past audits.

Benefits for auditing your offshore suppliers through us

In-depth local knowledge of the policies and practices

Highly skilled ASQ-certified auditors

Our auditors help you build long term relationships with the suppliers to drive continuous improvement

Our Online audit management tools help you see your supplier, audit performance and current status in one standardized format to help you visualize your supply network

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